Planning for the Future & Growth of Your Community

This video is a recorded breakout session from Khoros Engage, held September 9 - 11, 2019 in Austin, Texas.


  • Jacob Borgeson, Communities Product Manager at Khoros
  • Jen Sanchez, Sr. Manager at Upwork
  • Sandy Rivas, Program Manager at Microsoft
  • Richard Millington, Founder of Feverbee

Your community is up-and-running, but is it built to stand the test of time? This video will help you grow and future-proof your community through solid best practices that produce outstanding results.

Starting an online community can be done in parallel to improving your customer journey. Creating content, finding users, building the infrastructure, writing the rules, moderating, and iterating all take time. It is possible, and critical to success in a digital-first world, to fully realize the return on investment by embedding that community in as many places as possible. Embedding community experiences not only helps customers solve problems, it helps you grow your community; creating a cycle of positive growth that will quickly make you a leader in any industry.

Community growth doesn’t happen overnight. Rather, it’s important to nurture the existing relationships your brand has with community members and gradually expand your users and team members who manage the community. Once your community has taken off, continue fostering relationships through new content and initiatives. Communities are uniquely situated to allow your brand to engage with current customers and new faces at the same time. There are many ways to help your community continue to grow, but some of the key community growth takeaways in this video include:

  • Learn more about your customers and why they come to your community.
  • Focus on building the right team of community moderators and managers.
  • Promote your community internally as a voice of value.

To learn all of the ways your brand can usher in the next era of growth for your community, watch the video now.

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