How Khoros supported TV 2’s social media awareness campaign to encourage more positive social media discourse

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"When the volume of social media is turned up and there’s a specific topic we want to monitor more closely, the power of Khoros really shines, and we see that it doesn't take much additional effort to get a lot more value out of the platform."

Lars Aaes, Social Media Team Lead at TV 2

Executive summary

TV 2, the second-largest media company in Denmark, first partnered with Khoros several years ago. Operations ran smoothly, and TV 2 was able to effectively engage with their customers across channels. Recently, contestants from some TV 2 shows, including X Factor Denmark, alerted the brand about an uptick in unpleasant messages in their personal social media inboxes. To meet their obligation to protect participants, many of whom had never had such exposure, TV 2 needed an innovative solution. They couldn’t, and didn’t seek to, manage the personal accounts of all contestants. Instead, they set out to elevate the way people interacted on social media. TV 2 wanted to spur a social media culture change, and they leaned on their Khoros infrastructure to build an awareness campaign.

TV 2 began by speaking to X Factor Denmark contestants about their experience with negative messages, but they quickly realized that the issue was much larger than contestants on one show. TV 2 conducted outreach across departments, including their news platforms, morning shows, and their sports department, to determine the impact of negative social media messages and conversations. TV 2 planned and executed a campaign to improve social media discourse by monitoring conversations and removing hate speech, with support from Khoros Marketing.

They then created a branded film to make it clear that TV 2 would not tolerate damaging discourse on their social channels. Filters and labels within the Khoros platform aided the creative development of the movie by helping the team easily surface examples of destructive discourse from 4 million conversations across two years. TV 2 had refined and built their Khoros platform over several years, so they already had a solid prioritization system in place. But when they launched their campaign, they needed to prioritize and sort conversations quickly to ensure the biggest impact, and Khoros automation made it simple. Ultimately, TV 2’s awareness campaign didn’t require substantial changes to their Khoros platform because TV 2 had been tweaking and refining it all along. But the campaign required that they activate all of their systems within the platform to their fullest potential to ensure that there were no loose ends.

The momentum of the campaign surprised TV 2. It spurred many conversations all over Denmark, and the Danish Prime Minister even highlighted their initiative and the importance of working toward more positive, constructive social media discourse. The campaign wasn’t tied to specific KPIs; rather, TV 2’s goal was to build a more positive social media experience in general. They also wanted to involve their audience in the process and to encourage them to offer recommendations for change.

Now, on the backend, TV 2 is measuring the impact and reach of the campaign using Khoros analytics. Anecdotally, TV 2 noticed pretty quickly that conversations on their platforms became a lot kinder. To uncover statistics about how the conversation and the comments developed through time, TV 2 used data exports in Khoros from 2019 until the present. They’re also tracking associations of campaign-related terms with their brand as well as brand sentiment. But the conversation isn’t over yet, and TV 2 hopes that it doesn’t stop before more media networks and users commit to more positive digital interactions thus, measurement and monitoring will be on-going. Now, TV 2 knows that the Khoros platform can support campaigns of this size, and they won’t hesitate to go big in the future.

How they made it work

  • Used

    the Khoros platform for the publishing and planning aspects of their awareness campaign.

  • Activated

    every department within the TV 2 brand to join the awareness campaign with the help of Khoros Marketing.

  • Assessed

    their social media platform guidelines and wrote new rules for acceptable social media interactions on their channels to address common issues.

  • Leveraged

    Khoros automation to sort and make sense of the sudden burst of incoming traffic when the campaign launched.

"Our Khoros platform infrastructure meant that we could easily launch a campaign of this size without being overrun by the response."
— Julie Søsted Andersen
Digital Team Lead for Social Media at TV 2


TV 2’s awareness campaign is still in full swing; however, internal teams have already noticed positive changes to the ways in which their audience interacts. In the comments section, audience members now tag TV 2 moderators when discourse becomes negative, which has forged stronger bonds between the brand and their audience. Because TV 2 built and refined their Khoros platform over a number of years, they were able to easily support the additional volume that came with their campaign. In 2021, post-campaign, the TV 2 News team fielded a substantially smaller number of messages that they needed to filter or delete.


YoY decrease in dangerous comments per month since moderation campaign


of comments caught in the “delete” filter deleted


increase in dangerous comments deleted per month