Five questions on the future of employee advocacy with Cameron Brain, CEO of EveryoneSocial

Khoros customers can now add top-rated employee advocacy to their social suite, supported by EveryoneSocial’s 10+ years of expertise.

Cameron Brain, CEO of EveryoneSocial, visited Khoros’ London office to answer five key questions regarding the promising future of employee advocacy in EMEA and beyond.

In this tipsheet, you will learn:

  1. Why are top brands turning to employee advocacy now?

  2. Do employee advocacy programs face data privacy issues, especially in Europe, where data usage is a big concern?

  3. What role do executives play in the success of employee advocacy?

  4. Is investing in employee advocacy worth it if not all employees want to participate?

  5. How does the Khoros x EveryoneSocial partnership work?

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