The future of AI-powered customer care is here

Today, a customer’s path from inquiry to outcome takes too long, it’s riddled with friction, and often ends with an expensive agent call. We aim to change that by leveraging cutting-edge generative AI, extensive data, and top-tier orchestration to craft the ultimate support experience. Khoros Customer Care Cloud intelligently integrates bots, self-service, and agent support in one seamless solution, continuously learning and adapting. In this overview, we’ll outline how Khoros can help you transform your customer experience!

Khoros ccc listing

Are you ready for the future of customer care?

This overview explains:

  • How Khoros Customer Care Cloud unites generative AI with capabilities in our portfolio to reimagine self-service care
  • How brands can unify inbound and outbound engagement in a single conversational destination
  • How brands can resolve customer inquiries and generate knowledge, all at the same time