The Guide to Success Rate: The CX metric you absolutely need

Success Rate is the most important metric on your online community. Learn what it is, why it’s so crucial, and how to track it.

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How do you measure the value of your online community?

Online brand communities are exceptionally useful for a variety of reasons: they can improve CSAT and NPS, deflect incoming customer care volume, and provide a space for collaboration and cross-pollination between customers and employees alike. But when it comes to measuring the value of online communities, things get a little tricky. CSAT and NPS are good, but they’re heavily influenced by factors outside the community. Likewise, time on page and other community-specific metrics don’t necessarily capture everything a community provides.

That’s why we came up with Success Rate, a Khoros-specific measure that tracks how often customers are successful in completing their goal on your online community.

What makes Success Rate special?

In this guide, you’ll learn why Success Rate is important, what it can indicate, and how it can demonstrate real business value. The community experts at Khoros cover how Success Rate works, how you can track it, and even how to improve it once you’ve started tracking it. If your brand has a community for customers, employees, vendors, or anyone else, you can’t afford not to be tracking Success Rate. Download the guide today to learn how.

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