2023 Social Media Trends: How to Disrupt a Disruptive Consumer

The definitive report for social media marketers

When it comes to social media marketing, it's no secret that challenges over the last few years have disrupted the market. But now, social media marketers are finding new and innovative ways of connecting with their audiences. Part of this innovation is finding new ways to connect with consumers, who have become more demanding and harder to please than ever before.

In 2023, brands are going to get better.

Social media teams are learning to manage consumer relationships more effectively through engaging content. They’re becoming better, more responsive and active listeners, showing consumers how deeply they care about the most important issues. They’re also using technology more efficiently to track trends and engagement.

In this social media trends report, presented by Talkwalker and Khoros, we’re focusing on the ten most important trends that will define social media engagement in 2023. Deep listening and insights lead the way this year. Download the report today to get the full story.

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  • Customer Experience will get even more social

    “Users judge brands not only by their products but mostly by their user experience and we must be very interested in this trend in order to continue developing our 360 strategy around our clients.”

    Lucas Diorio
    Social Media Coordinator at Ford

  • Nathalie

    The environment will no longer be an afterthought

    “As more Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen A bring their values-driven expectations to the brands they interact with, the success (or failure) of these organizations will increasingly hinge upon their integrity.”

    Nathalie Nahai
    Best-selling Author and Podcast Host of the Hive Podcast

  • Chris vetrano

    Customer Experience will get even more social

    When customers have poor experiences, they no longer wait for resolution in a private channel. Instead, they turn their experiences into a public affair with expectations that brands will deliver fast, delightful resolution.

    Chris Vetrano
    Head of Partner & Customer Engagement at Lyft

  • Cameron brain

    Personas are over, you will think ‘communities’

    We buy from those we know, we like, and we trust. It’s as simple as that. Marketing’s challenge for the last seventy+ years has been how to establish that one-to-one relationship at scale. Social media has for the first time made that possible. Now there is an immense opportunity to activate employees to advocate for their company on social media. Not only does every employee have a network, they have a stronger bond with the people in and around that network than a brand will ever be able to achieve. There’s no question that the marketing winners will be those that empower the people in and around their organizations–employees, customers, partners, etc.–to strengthen their connection with prospective buyers.

    Cameron Brain

    CEO and Co-Founder of Everyone Social

  • Matt oxley

    Customer experience will get even more social

    "Big and small companies alike are beginning to have a new understanding of brand. More and more, marketers see that brand is everything – from classic million-dollar broadcast campaigns to every interaction on social channels. Because of this, providing consistent and intentional customer service in the public space of social media is more essential than ever. Not only does this create a positive person-to-person customer experience, but the interaction is visible for all time. Truly, that is brand – and these interactions are going to continue to take new importance going forward."

    Matt Oxley
    Customer Experience and Innovation Director at Opal