It takes a village: How to take your community to the next level

Communities provide value when they focus on particular aspects of the customer relationship. This session will help you focus on more than one.

Khoros Engage 2021

Level up: Focusing on multiple aspects of the customer relationship

Communities can be a brand’s best friend in terms of providing valuable customer engagement, user-generated content, and support deflection. This value is enhanced when the community focuses on a specific aspect of the customer relationship. Often this is customer support (that’s why deflection is such a big deal on communities), but other aspects can also work; some communities focus on giving users a place to share ideas, for example.

The very best online communities in the world have narrowed their focus, only to expand it once again to multiple aspects of the customer relationship. It’s not easy to do, so this session is for the pros — but here you’ll learn how to focus on multiple areas in your online community. Ultimately, this is the best way for your community to level up. If you think you’re ready, join us.

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