How Khoros Strategic Services Developed an Employee Advocacy Program for National Instruments

Executive summary

Our six-plus year relationship with National Instruments (NI) is one that showcases a true partnership, ever evolving to meet changing business needs and priorities. The Khoros Strategic Services team has provided strategic support across organic content strategy, paid campaign management, community engagement, live event support, and social listening. Ahead of a brand refresh in June 2020, the NI team sought support in early spring to streamline their channel and content strategy and drive engagement with key audiences, including driving awareness through an untapped group of advocates – NI employees. 

Goal: NI sought help in building a comprehensive employee advocacy program that would become an important component in driving awareness for an upcoming brand refresh.

Our work: The Khoros team partnered with NI to understand the use case and unique value proposition for employees, and participated in EveryoneSocial trainings, an employee advocacy platform, to understand the tool. From this discovery, the Khoros team created a comprehensive Employee Advocacy playbook and toolkit that could be circulated to employees and new hires.


The Khoros Strategic Services team developed a playbook featuring a pitch to employees to participate in the program, best practices and guidelines for engagement, in-platform workflows, and specific tips for new hires to get involved. Additionally, Khoros partnered with the NI social team to create a unique label strategy to identify content that should be elevated in the EveryoneSocial tool by the admins for employees.

As a result, employee engagement exponentially increased, contributing to success on social in terms of brand awareness and positive engagement, including the following.


INCREASE in Instagram followers within two weeks


ENGAGEMENTS on organic brand launch content, driven by employees and customers


USES of the new brand hashtags #EngineerAmbitiously and/or #LifeatNI during the brand refresh time frame on LinkedIn and Instagram, leading to 76 new followers of the brand hashtag on LinkedIn