Future of online communities: metaverse and web3

How to get started on web3 for your online community

NFT, DAO, Decentraland - is your head spinning just yet? The future of the web is on web3, we know that for a fact, and that will have an impact on creating impactful branded communities.

Metaverse 101 and first movers

Metaverse: The word is everywhere, but who genuinely understands what it means? A metaverse — a fully immersive, digital community augmented by virtual reality — can be hugely successful in bringing customers and users together. Just look at the success of Roblox if you need convincing.

Companies are starting to think about how to incorporate metaverses into their brands, into their customer relationships, and into their existing communities. The ones who get it right are guaranteed to reap the benefits of adding such a novel way to connect to their customers.

Watch this video to understand the basics of metaverse and web3 - and to get some real life examples on how brands are starting to get involved. This webinar also has practical tips for you to get started with these new technologies, and it doesn't have to be as complex as you might think.

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