Are your customers really happy with the experience they're getting from your brand? Most brands think so, but in reality they are far removed from the truth. Khoros commissioned Forrester Consulting to explore the biggest issues causing the divide between brands and customers today. We surveyed over 200 enterprise brands and over 1000 customers, and what we discovered may surprise you. 

Here are some key findings:

  • Brands are disconnected from consumers: 77% struggle to create a cohesive journey across channels and devices
  • Brands are out of touch with the customer experience: they underestimate how frequently bad experiences happen to their customers by an average of 38%
  • Brands are ill-equipped to stay connected: More than 3 of every 4 brand expect channels to increase, while also saying they struggle to integrate new channels
  • Failure is catastrophic: 62% of consumers will switch to a different brand or decide not to purchase from the brand after a bad customer experience

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