The Enterprise Edge Episode 4: Rebuilding with trust: The strategic imperative for brands in 2024

Enterprise edge episode 4 strategic imperative for brands in 20241

With 2023 now in the back mirror, we can't help but think: "Now, what"? In 2023, trust in social media was eroded: Faith in the networks; confidence is what is being put in front of audiences. How do you gain or regain trust when it has been lost? How do you instill confidence and be seen as a reliable advisor when a good reputation can be tarnished in seconds? Join us for the final installment of this series.

Key takeaways from this webinar

  • Factors affecting trust: How authenticity, transparency, credibility, and consistency should be the cornerstones of any social media plan

  • The role of content: Learn how the type, source, and presentation of content can either build or erode trust.

  • Employee Influencers: Discuss the rise of employee advocacy and how your most trusted voices are within your reach

  • Building and rebuilding trust: Strategies and best practices to establish, maintain, and, if necessary, rebuild trust on social platforms.


Sandrine Zechbauer, Senior Director, Integrated campaigns, Khoros

Cameron Brain, CEO and Founder, EveryoneSocial

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