The Experts Debate: Achieving Digital Customer Engagement Excellence

CX experts in multiple industries join our panel to discuss what’s new in the industry and how it’s affecting the strategies their brands use every day.

Achieving Digital Customer Engagement Webinar

What’s new in the digital CX world?

Expert panelists discuss how digital-first customer engagement isn’t optional anymore — and it probably wasn’t even before lockdown. Consumer behaviors have been changing for years, and the pandemic only accelerated this trend.

In this panel, we’re joined by some of the industry’s leading customer engagement experts:


  • Andreas Heydeck, Digital Transformation Manager, Nordic Region, Teleperformance Nordic

  • Annalisa Wilson, Director of Community, The Unlimited Group

  • Magali Begon, Customer Excellence Senior Team Leader for Webcare & Mediation, Orange Belgium


  • Laurier Alder, Director of Strategic Services, Khoros

Customer service must be a priority for brands

Our panelists will talk about how — and why — customer engagement trends are shifting. And nowhere is this clearer than in the contact center. Contact centers were, of course, affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but they’re finding new, creative ways to recover and become stronger than ever. Our three leading experts discuss how their brands have combined agile approaches with digital-first solutions to solve both new and old problems.

It’s important to create not just customers, but brand advocates

The way you talk to your customers, and the channels you use to do it, can turn them into your brand’s greatest resource: brand advocates. These are customers who aren’t just loyal, but seek to show others just why they love your brand so much. In this exclusive webinar, our guest panelists discuss how their brands seek insight into their customer experience to improve it at every possible point. This way, they can more easily create brand advocates when the opportunity arises.

New challenges and new opportunities for companies to improve CX

One of the main topics on our experts’ minds is how things are shifting in 2021 and beyond — both in EMEA and around the world. Customers are expecting more even when CX teams have less to work with. This forces even top brands to come up with creative solutions. See what these brands are doing to keep their customers happy, both now and in the future.

Watch the webinar now to learn all this and more.

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Panelists & Moderator

  • Andreas Haydeck

    Andreas Heydeck
    [Panel Speaker]

    Digital Transformation Manager, Nordic Region


  • Annalisa Wilson headshot 2021

    Annalisa Wilson
    [Panel Speaker]

    Director of Community

    Unlimited Group

  • Magali Begon

    Magali Begon
    [Panel Speaker]

    Customer Excellence Senior Team Leader for Webcare & Mediation

    Orange Belgium

  • Lo Alder

    Laurier Alder

    Director of Strategic Services