Defend the “digital frontline”: How brands protect their community

Community moderators are on the frontline of digital engagement every day. Here’s how to keep them safe, healthy, and happy in a tough job.

Khoros Engage 2021

Keeping moderators — and communities — healthy

Communities are often the frontlines of the digital world — the places where some members will unfortunately exhibit their very worst tendencies. This sort of behavior can be negative not just for other community members, but for brands themselves, who can see drops in engagement — or worse, PR issues.

This is why brands employ community moderators: people on the frontlines making things go smoothly for all community members. Moderators help brands ensure safety for members, but what about their own safety? It’s the job of responsible brands to provide resources and safeguards to help moderators maintain their mental health — for their own sake and for that of their community. In this session, some of the world’s best online brand communities will share how they do this. 

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