The CX guide for travel & hospitality in 2021

As COVID-19 winds down, travel is gearing up. Here’s how to maintain a great CX during what promises to be a banner year for the industry.

The travel and hospitality industry is about to have a big year

COVID-19 isn’t quite over yet, but as vaccines become more available, it looks like it’s on its way out. That means big business — and “revenge travel” — for the travel industry. In this ebook, we’ll cover what that means for your business from a customer engagement perspective. What are the latest travel restrictions? How are they changing? Which challenges will be new in 2021, and which will remain the same?

The challenges of travel and hospitality — and the solutions

Some challenges with customer engagement in travel and hospitality never go away. But in the wake of the pandemic, many are even more challenging, and some are new. With this ebook, you’ll learn the strategies that the world’s best travel brands use. You’ll see how they use enterprise customer engagement technology, including social media management, online communities, and customer care to keep their customers safe, informed, and above all, happy. Download the ebook now to learn more.

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