Crowdsourcing customers

Gaining the attention and earning the trust of audiences has always been rocky for marketers, but nowadays, it’s a massive uphill battle. In our ebook, Crowdsourcing Customers: Using Social Validation to Acquire and Delight More Customers, we show how your brand can leverage the power of peer influence to acquire more customers than traditional marketing alone ever could. Download the ebook now to learn more.

Traditional Customer Acquisition Techniques Fall Short

The same digital transformation that gave us one-click access to millions of new products and ideas has made it nearly impossible to stand out. On the other hand, it’s now easier than ever to connect and communicate with people around the globe to hear their experiences. In modern markets, consumers have become highly weary of brand messages and value peer feedback above all. Seeking peer input to influence decisions is known as social validation, and it should be a priority for marketing leaders.

The Modern Solution: Crowdsourcing Customers

How can a modern marketer harness the power of peer social validation? The first step should be to set up a branded presence in all the arenas where validation happens today: Create YouTube videos, drive Amazon ratings, join Facebook groups, monitor sub-Reddits, answer Quoras, post on Twitter and Instagram, etc. This helps you connect your brand to more customers, and you can gain some trust by being a part of the conversation. However, every one of these sites is a different user experience that isn’t connected to any brand, and there are data privacy concerns. The next step should be to provide a central area, known as a branded community, that matches your brand experience and empower customers to connect with each other by hosting the conversation.

Our ebook offers many insights and best practices to help your brand increases sales within your branded community, including:

  • Collaborate internally: Social media has changed traditional business in many ways, but one of the most important changes is the breaking down of silos, particularly between marketing and support. To improve the overall customer experience, teams must now share insights with each other.
  • Support customers: Having the ability to easily communicate with others who can help solve a problem builds strong relationships. Branded communities are a natural place to host such interactions.
  • Create super users: Traditionally, super fans are uncovered during product releases and events, or intentionally created through celebrity or influencer campaigns. However, creating super users in a branded community is far less expensive and more authentic than hiring paid representatives to speak on your brand’s behalf.

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