Conversational AI: the Samsung Case Study

Deliver +44 NPS and 90% CES with a digital assistant

Scripted bots are a thing of the past - no one wants to deal with the frustration of not being answered to, not being able to be passed on to an effort, and be stuck in an endless loop of ‘Could you please repeat your question?’

Samsung knows it, and that’s why they have been investing in their Conversational AI capabilities, together with partners Khoros and Teleperformance. The results of their smart digital assistants are there to tell the story: +44 NPS (Net Promoter Score), 90% CES (Customer Effort Score).

Watch this short video to understand how they designed their bots to recognize intent and route conversations appropriately, and how to resolve issues independently. 

And they are continuing to invest in the technology, people and process to get into new areas for bots: Sales, Marketing, Onboarding and so much more.

The future of Conversational AI is bright, so make sure you understand how and where to start to reap the rewards!