Community vendor evaluation scorecard

What do you need to have a flourishing brand community? The right vendor that fulfills the right requirements. Choose a community vendor with confidence with this vendor evaluation scorecard. The template provides a structured framework so you can assess and compare vendors based on essential criteria for a successful partnership.

Community vendor evaluation scorecard

Assess and score community vendors in the areas that matter most

This template empowers you to make informed decisions by seeing how community vendors stack up in critical areas like:

  • Product/service offering: Evaluate the completeness of features, scalability, and integration ease to guarantee that the vendor's offerings meet your community's requirements.

  • Vendor reputation and support: Gain insight into a vendor's industry recognition, track record, and quality of customer support to ascertain its reliability and compatibility with your organization.

  • Pricing and contract terms: Assess transparency, value for cost, and contract flexibility to make informed financial decisions for your community project.

  • Security, compliance, and accessibility: Ensure a vendor meets your data security, regulatory compliance, and accessibility standards to safeguard your community members' privacy and inclusivity.

  • Future roadmap: Learn more about the vendor's future roadmap, feature updates, and technological advancements to ensure its offerings align with your community's long-term vision.

Streamline your vendor selection journey by downloading your scorecard template today.