Community strategies for better experiences

Are you using best practices to manage your online brand community? This webinar breaks down the 2020 State of Community Management research from the Community Roundtable.

Use advanced metrics and machine learning to optimize your community

Communities with advanced strategies — those that gather data and use machine learning to improve KPIs — are better funded, better aligned across functions, and better performing. They are also better at delivering a streamlined, responsive, and efficient customer experience. In this webinar, the community experts from Khoros and Community Roundtable will break down the 2020 State of Community Management research.

This webinar will cover the most important community management metrics

We’ll go over:

  • Tying your community to business outcomes
  • What it means to have a funded roadmap
  • How to define an active community member
  • Which metrics matter in a community
  • What it means for your community to have strategic maturity (and why it’s important)
  • Important aspects of community governance
  • How engagement on your community generates shared value

If you’re a community manager, or if your brand’s community can use some improvement, you can find the tools, metrics, and strategies you need here.

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Khoros Communities are here to help

According to Community Round Table’s research, Khoros-powered communities are twice as likely to have advanced strategies, and they connect their performance directly to more business objectives across the customer experience than any other segment in the research.