Community Meet-up Zurich

Hear first-hand stories of six people using Khoros Communities to provide better value to their customers

In October 2022, Khoros held a Community Meet-up in Zurich for delegates to come together, network and learn from customer stories. We have recorded 6 of those stories, taking you through their challenges and outcomes, using the Khoros Community platform. Hear from:

  • Kate McMillan - Fortinet (Cybersecurity)
  • Joao Silva - Vodafone Portugal (Telco) - Khoros Kudos Runner-up 2022
  • Fanny Lewis - Orell Fussli (Retail)
  • Sven Becker - Viessmann (Industrial solutions) - Khoros Kudos Winner 2022
  • Patrick O’Brien - Three Ireland (Telco) - Khoros Kudos Winner 2022
  • Claudius Henrichs - Dataiku (Software)

One thing all these customers have in common is value: How to drive value for their customers, their community users and superusers, their moderators, their leadership and management.

These are six stories from very diverse backgrounds, and industries. Watch them in a row, or pick the one that is most relevant to your own industry. Get some inspiration, practical examples and aha moments from these community leaders. You might be surprised by how similar some of the challenges the panelists talked about are to your own as, indeed, one thing is for sure - there is a community of community lovers!

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