Community, Everywhere Webinar

Online communities can improve every stage of the customer journey. Khoros recently released five new features for Khoros Communities which allow brands to increase the reach and impact of community engagement significantly. These features include:

  • Community syndication
  • Group hubs
  • Improved search results and analytics
  • Modern content editing
  • Community integration

In this webinar, Khoros Communities experts explain in detail how these features create business value for your brand. By leveraging these features, your brand can drive traffic, increase awareness, build trust, and increase sales. Community syndication in particular affords your brand new opportunities to improve both how your business uses an online community and how customers interact with the community throughout their journey.

This webinar will show you how community syndication can be used to bring your community everywhere on your site, including your product pages, support pages, and more. By syndicating community on a product page, similar to Amazon, you will be able to build trust with consumers evaluating your product. Community feedback about your product is much more influential for prospects’ decision-making than any copy your brand could craft. Why? Because today’s consumers trust each other more than brands. Using this fact to your advantage with community syndication can help your brand increase sales.

Additionally, this webinar will show you how you can increase engagement, and even get more people to engage with the community who never have before. Syndicating your helpful community content on your site’s FAQ page can encourage typically passive users to join your community and join the conversation. Group Hubs offer more chances to engage to community users. With this feature, you can delegate content and member management to trusted owners, giving members of your community more agency to create conversations around shared interests. Modern content editing allows for more visually enticing content to be created, and that content is found by more people through improved search results and community integration.

With all of these new features, your brand is more empowered than ever. Watch the webinar to learn all of the ways you can use these new features.

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