Snack Breaks & Hot Takes: Bridging virtual and in-person community-led events in 2022

Join us as we talk to Derek Anderson about creating amazing experiences in your virtual and in-person events.

Snack Breaks & Hot Takes

Got half an hour? Taking a snack break? Get an insight from an expert

Snack Breaks & Hot Takes is a digital series of conversations with experts in customer experience, brand owned communities, and digital contact centers. Running only thirty minutes, these bite-sized sessions are the perfect length to grab a snack on Khoros through Uber Eats, gain valuable insights from leading experts, and ask questions in the event chat.

Let’s talk about community-led events

In this SBHT, we’re joined by Derek Andersen, CEO and Co-Founder at Bevy, to talk about the future of community-led events. It can be tricky to bridge the gap between in-person and virtual events, so Derek will offer his insights on how to do just that. With 15 years of experience in communities, Derek knows exactly what can make community events succeed. If your brand is putting together an event in 2022, you can’t afford to miss this one!

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