Khoros + Adobe Retail Technologies That Pair Well Together

Adobe teams up with partners to show how to serve a unified retail experience. Read our chapter, The DX trio, to learn how an online community can help support a thriving ecommerce program.

Adobe Retail eBook

Communities are crucial for ecommerce

Even though brick-and-mortar retailers are (mostly) in full swing after the COVID-19 pandemic, one effect of the pandemic remains: ecommerce is stronger than ever. This means more people shopping online with your brand — and more scrutiny on your digital experience (DX). In this guide, the customer engagement experts at Khoros partnered with Adobe to cover just what this trend means for your brand’s content and digital engagement strategy. The answers lie in online communities, and the content and experiences they produce for your brand.

Download the guide to read about three of the best ways a community can help you support your ecommerce program:

Customer loyalty

Customers stick around when they enjoy their interactions with a brand, and research shows that communities can help make this happen. A community can help brands connect more deeply with customers and prospects alike.

Feedback and insights

Communities provide a place for customers, prospects, and even employees to give feedback and share ideas. This means a more substantial repository of insights and feedback that your brand can use to improve its offerings.

World-class content

Communities are great for user-generated content (UGC), which can boost your brand’s SEO, reduce call volume to your contact center, and add credibility to your ecommerce pages.

How the best brands use communities to their advantage

The guide from Khoros and Adobe will also provide an example of a top European brand using their bespoke online community to help drive reviews and purchases at various online retailers. Download the guide to see how they did it.

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