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MoneyGram Leveraged Khoros Care to Transform Their Digital Customer Experience

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Executive summary

MoneyGram is an international money transfer company based in the United States. Customer service has always been a core tenant of MoneyGram’s brand, but as social media’s importance grew, MoneyGram found that they weren’t meeting their customers’ care needs. Their customers and prospective customers were looking for them on social with questions, complaints, and feedback, but MoneyGram wasn’t there. MoneyGram had an added layer of need on social: scammers often target money transfer services to perpetrate crimes or launder money, so MoneyGram faced the unique challenges of having to protect their consumers, meet compliance standards, and combat potential threats that undermine their customer relationships while also building authentic, meaningful relationships on social. To meet their high needs, MoneyGram decided to onboard Khoros Care to help them give their customers access to a top-tier customer care team, decrease response time, increase effectiveness, streamline a fragmented customer support process, and mitigate risk.

MoneyGram consistently deals with fraud and privacy risk, so it was essential that their customers have a fast connection to their top-tier customer care team to address their concerns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Timeliness and effectiveness were top priorities for their digital customer care team. They also wanted to significantly decrease response time and streamline a fragmented customer support process by enabling their customer support team to directly engage with customers on their preferred social media channel. Before MoneyGram onboarded Khoros Care, their digital marketing and customer care teams functioned in distinct silos. The customer care team focused on issues received from the call center, while the digital marketing team was dedicated to addressing communication with the online community to develop relationships and brand loyalty with customers. With Khoros Care, MoneyGram was able to unite these two distinct teams and help them share goals, strategies, and data.

Khoros Care has had a significant impact on MoneyGram and the platform has received company-wide recognition and acknowledgment. Now, with the help of Khoros, MoneyGram enjoys the benefits of a cooperative relationship where two previously exclusive business channels can combine their expertise to serve the needs of their social media community quickly and effectively. They can now provide in-channel resolution of issues and realize the potential to convert dissatisfaction into brand advocacy. Customer Care now looks at themselves as more than simply a “call center” and has repositioned the department as a “contact center” that can communicate with customers on a variety of different channels. They are now creating customer service roles that will be primarily focused on social media. MoneyGram’s compliance, fraud, and security departments also have gained more visibility into their social care program.

How they made it work

  • Multi 221


    Their social care program from one person to a team of eight quickly and effectively.

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    Their customers’ feedback into their business and drove actionable results.

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    Workflow management and tracked agent-specific metrics with Khoros Care for staffing, training, and performance evaluation purposes.

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    United the marketing and customer care teams.

“With Khoros Care, our organization now has one set of metrics we all have access to which helps to break down silos and unite everyone under a common purpose.”
— Lindsay Conant
Senior Manager, Digital Marketing Analytics & Social Care, MoneyGram


MoneyGram’s customers have benefited from their relationship with Khoros in a number of ways. Customers now have the ability to communicate directly with customer service representatives on MoneyGram’s social media channels to both resolve service issues and interact with MoneyGram as social media community members. In addition to improved customer experience, MoneyGram’s new social care focus has enhanced their ability to protect their customers from fraudulent activity that involves money transfers.

  • 93%

    Reduction in response time

  • 17%

    Decrease in conversations requiring offline resolution

  • 95%

    In sales revenue generated