Live Nation Uses Khoros-Powered Social Media Analytics to Boost Ticket Sales and Maintain Brand Voice

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Executive summary

With 325 social media accounts, 133 users, and more than 32,000 artists to promote, Live Nation Entertainment — the world’s largest producer of events — is an enterprise powerhouse. Live Nation’s marketing model is hub-and-spoke: the Live Nation central team creates content to support their local marketers across the United States.

Until recently, however, those local marketers were publishing natively to each individual social network. This led to big gaps between the central and local marketers. First, it was inefficient and slowed down collaboration: Live Nation central shared content through a daily email that prompted local marketers to download, copy, and schedule the content themselves. This process was three steps too many. Second, Live Nation lacked access to reliable content and campaign performance social media analytics across their local accounts, which they needed to inform future strategy. On top of all of this, Live Nation also needed to maintain consistent brand voice across channels, pages, and teams.

Khoros’ digital customer engagement software bridged these gaps for Live Nation, creating an environment of seamless collaboration between the central and local marketers. Using Khoros, the Live Nation central team now works closely with its local marketers to create, plan, and distribute social content for all of its social accounts—all from one platform. Using the distribution capability within Khoros’ campaign planning tool, the Live Nation central team easily distributes content to their local marketers. The central team can push content directly onto the local marketers’ calendars. Those local marketers can then publish as-is, or edit it to fit their specific scheduling or market needs. This has drastically simplified their collaboration, increased efficiencies, and provided them with visibility into aggregated content performance analytics—all while promoting a consistent brand voice across channels. They call this distribution the Daily Content Feed, and the engagement from these posts is consistently off the charts.

How they made it work

  • Multi blog

    Draft and Schedule

    Content within Khoros, then distribute that content easily to their local marketing teams across the enterprise for publishing on local channels

  • Multi Empowerment


    Social media analytics to uncover performance details with Khoros reporting dashboards, allowing content performance to inform future content strategies

  • Multi 210


    What local marketers are posting and what pages they are posting to

  • Multi winner


    Content strategy by regularly evaluating over- and under-performing content

“Khoros has made it easy for marketers to share one piece of content with over 300 pages at one time.”
— Tim Carr
Vice President of Social Marketing, Live Nation Entertainment


With Khoros, Live Nation marketers can tune in to content performance — and use those analytics to set content strategies that move their fans as well. Thanks to Khoros, Live Nation can more efficiently grow their social channels, promote their tours and, most importantly, sell tickets.

Having comprehensive performance data in one platform means Live Nation can rest assured knowing they’re informing their content strategy and creating content that resonates with fans. Using the social media analytics reports available within Khoros, Live Nation can track and measure the metrics that matter most to them, including engagement, views, and conversions (ticket sales) for each social network — and that’s music to their ears.

  • 2X

    Faster content creation and distribution

  • 20%

    Increase in Engagement on pages using the Daily Content Feed

  • 30%

    Increase in Content shared year-over-year