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What is Khoros Community?

Customer experience is the last frontier for differentiation. Previously known as Lithium Community, Khoros' online community software helps customers expand their reach by identifying, accessing, and engaging their most valuable customers. Khoros Community gives you an on-brand platform for peer knowledge hubs that elevate engagement and reduce customer service costs.

Use Community to:

  • Improve SEO

    Make yourself easier to find by hosting value-added conversations via your community.

  • Accelerate resolution

    Create a peer-to-peer hub for your customers to share their expertise, learn, and get answers to their most pressing questions.

  • Unlock customer value

    Mine new product ideas and service improvements from the customers who know and use you the most, while driving traffic and conversion.

  • Reduce service costs and achieve greater efficiency

    Peer-to-peer support is the most affordable way to satisfy customer inquiries. Drive customers to an online community and self-service knowledge base where they can quickly find answers, deflecting 20% of calls to your call center.

  • Create customers for life

    Your investment in a community software platform is an investment in helping your customers build your brand. Doing so creates an opportunity for them to share their experiences and opinions about your products and services, ultimately driving brand value and loyalty.

We can’t wait to show you how

We offer one platform, powered by connection, to create a seamless digital experience for your customers.