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Khoros Bot and automation

Instantly serve customers with chatbots and increase agent efficiency.

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Automation in Khoros enables:

  • Automated customer conversations

    Resolve a high volume of common consumer inquiries with Khoros Bot, freeing up agents for higher-value tasks.

  • AI-powered workflows

    Improve prioritization and routing by understanding which messages are most actionable right now, along with how sentiment changes over the course of the conversation.

  • Flexible automation

    Seamlessly coordinate agents and any bot -- whether you built it, bought it from us or brought it from another bot vendor. With open APIs, Khoros offers failover protection and resolution reporting to improve bot performance.

  • Customer satisfaction

    Give agents conversation history and context during handoffs, so they are equipped to continue the conversation. Track CSAT and NPS of bot-handled conversations to isolate agent training and bot improvement opportunities.


  • Khoros Chat BOT


    Welcome, triage, and automate top volume drivers for self-service with Khoros Bot.

  • Chat bot


    Orchestrate automation and handoffs between agents and bots, across channels, with our open automation APIs.

  • DEL964 Design Modern Chat Product Page images Advanced workflows

    AI-powered advanced workflows

    Filter, tag, prioritize, identify sentiment, and route to the appropriate work queue or agent for prompt resolution.

  • DEL964 Design Modern Chat Product Page images Operational Analytics

    Operational analytics

    Plan and forecast better with live workforce utilization, improve agent performance and capture customer experience metrics.

  • DEL964 Design Modern Chat Product Page images Single Platform

    Single platform

    Handle web chat, messaging apps, social, and reviews in a single dashboard

  • DEL964 Design Modern Chat Product Page images Holistic customer profile

    Holistic customer profile

    Respond with context by using customer profiles that contain information across channels, your CRM system, tags, and internal notes across departments.

  • DEL964 Design Modern Chat Product Page images Notifications and Alerts

    Notifications & alerts

    Receive email, desktop, and mobile alerts so you can adjust staffing and priorities on the fly.

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