The platform for complete customer engagement

With solutions for digital customer service, social media management, and branded communities, our customer engagement software brings the power of human connection into each interaction.

How the Khoros platform benefits your customers

  • Listen: Easily listen on social channels, to obtain key insights on sentiment, unmet needs, challenges, and competition
  • Reach: Connect with customers and prospects on digital channels to drive awareness and acquisition
  • Serve: Efficiently serve customers at key moments of truth to drive customer satisfaction and dramatically reduce support costs
  • Create community: Connect your customers and nurture their conversations to drive loyalty, increase spend, and amplify your brand

Trusted by 2000+ of the world's top brands

  • Usaa
  • Spectrum
  • Samsung
  • Hp
  • Gm
  • Microsoft
  • Visa
  • Aaa

Unmatched expertise, service, & coaching

More than a technology vendor, Khoros is an expert partner in your long term success. Khoros ensures customer success day-to-day with teams focused only on your goals, not our revenue targets.

Unbeatable in scale

We’ve built a digital engagement platform you can trust — under your biggest success or worst crisis. Khoros meets the needs of the largest brands, including enterprise workflows, deployment complexity, high volume usage, brand protection, and security.

Dedicated innovation & expertise

Khoros offers more than 15 years of best practices and partnership in customer engagement. We have the expertise to align your teams, systems, and your data to deliver the connected experience your customer deserves — and continue to invest in high-value capabilities enterprise brands care about (like AI flexibility, modern governance, and bridging paid + organic).

One platform, powered by connection 

Khoros is the only customer engagement platform that offers the ability to interact with your customers from the moment you make your first offer to the moment of sale — and beyond. Plus, connect with your customers in their channel of choice, whether that’s managing communication through social media, your branded communities, or one-to-one messaging.


“We use what we learn from Khoros to inform our product development and our customer care strategy.”

— Global Director of Social Customer Care, HP

  • 0%
    year-over-year reduction in first response time
  • 0%
    year-over-year reduction in resolution time

Solutions utilisées: Social Care, Communities

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Ready to see for yourself?

Let us show you what Khoros can do.

An AI-powered CX platform to keep you all-ways connected across your enterprise

Digital customer service
  • ripples

    Simplify your complex social media marketing operations Serve customers in messaging and social channels — with unmatched operational insight and automation — to reduce costs and boost satisfaction.

  • ripples

    Foster advocacy and grow customer relationships with a vibrant, branded space where customers connect with each other.

  • ripples

    Simplify your complex social media marketing operations to win more business, build, and protect your brand.

The value of strong digital relationships

Grow revenue 

Sales lift from improved reach/engagement Sales lift from improved CX Revenue per customer and retention from improved CX

Reduce costs 

Service cost reduction from self-service & automation Improvement in care team efficiency and capacity Improvement in marketing team efficiency

Protect your brand 

Detect and mitigate crises Improve audit compliance Avoid fines due to regulatory non-compliance

“The Visa Developer community page is the most visited page on the Visa Developer Center. We have increased users by more than 124% with more engagement than ever before.”

— Director of Community, Visa

  • 0%
    increase in users
  • 0+%
    increase in CHI score

Solution utilisée: Khoros Communities

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Khoros builds strong digital relationships.

So you can create customers for life. 


Things to think about 


From transactions to relationships

To win, brands have to go beyond transactions and build a relationship where the customer feels known and connected, whether that connection is built on an experience, a shared identity or purpose, or a sense of belonging to a community.

From “digital-also” to “digital-first”

For digital transformation initiatives, the luxury of time is gone. Digital engagement is no longer an option — it’s the only way to survive.


Building strong digital relationships is really difficult — it requires a unified platform that’s robust enough to handle enterprise needs, but flexible enough to withstand change. And it requires expertise to equip your teams and integrate into your business.

“AAA is a membership organization, so being always connected means that we meet our members in the channel of their choice, and we’re always there when they need us.”

— Director of Brand Services, AAA National

  • 0%+
    increase in engagement year-over-year
  • 0%+
    Social Marketing, Social Listening

Solutions utilisées: Social Marketing, Social Listening

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Ready to see for yourself?

We can’t wait to show you how we can help your enterprise brand connect with customers. We’re digital-first and can help you engage customers like never before.