Deep dive into the Response product as we explore these topics.

Analytics, Dashboards, & Tags

What reports should every social care team be analyzing? How do you optimize response time? Learn the answers to these questions and how to track and report on trending issues with tags.

Effectively Prioritize Inbound Content

Discover how to prioritize inbound content for multiple response goals. Effectively use queues, teams, rules, and routing to improve accuracy and response time.

Effectively Action Inbound Content

Use auto-tagging to locate and action items efficiently in a crisis or everyday practice. Tag, respond, and close items with accurate information in fewer steps.

Managing Your Care Team

Ensure agents have the right access and keep teams, rules, and queues up to date. Audit processes, improve workflows, and maintain cohesive response practices throughout your team.


Deep dive into the Social Marketing & Intelligence products as we explore these topics.

Analytics, Dashboards, & Labels

What reports should every business be analyzing? Interpret which metrics matter the most. Optimize campaign performance through structured labels.

Cross Team Collaboration

Include multiple teams in one content scheduling workflow. Collaborate in-platform on campaign strategy, drafting copy, and publishing cadence. Distribute approved content across teams and regions.

Inbox for Marketing

Filter inbox streams to monitor specific campaign feedback. Locate and repurpose user-generated brand love content. Monitor competitor social activity.

Track & Improve Platform Usage

Use analytics to track internal usage. Audit activity and grant appropriate access. Learn tips and tricks to keep configuration up to date.


Deep dive into the Khoros Community product as we explore these topics.

Community Manager Certification II Training (CMCII)

Building on the foundation laid with Community Manager Certification Level I, this course includes more data points, deeper case study examples, new reusable assets, and more opportunities to collaborate with fellow attendees

Growing Your Community

Learn more about frameworks that community teams can use to scale the size and impact of their communities.

Managing Superusers

Discover how to grow a superuser program with a deep-dive into what a relaunch of a struggling program entails.

Managing Brand Participation

Gain insight on how brands can structure employee engagement programs in their communities with an eye towards sustainability and collaboration with customers.

Driving Business Transformation

Understand tactics community teams can take to tie their communities to strategic initiatives within their organizations.


Demonstrate and put into practice what you’ve learned over the course of the day.