Dillon Nugent

Chief Marketing Officer

Dillon Nugent

Dillon Nugent is the Chief Marketing Officer at Khoros, where she is responsible for developing and executing the company’s global marketing strategy.

Dillon holds over 20 years of experience with a start in the advertising industry, specializing in highly scalable campaigns for mass marketed consumer brands across packaged goods, athletics, fashion, and auto. She then branched into B2B and tech, focusing on product innovation with transformation teams that were responsible for experimentation and finding new growth opportunities at their companies. 

Dillon is passionate about growth from all angles—growing teams, companies, cross-departmental relationships, and connections across her network. Today, she uses that passion to develop her team and find new growth opportunities for Khoros through programmatic and account-based strategies.

At Khoros, we have the privilege of working with some of the world’s best brands, powering their CX strategies with our industry-leading platform. I’m honored to lead our Marketing team to help us deliver on our mission: creating customers for life.